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Monday, March 8, 2010

“Eat Real Food”

During the month of March we are having the "Real Food Challenge."

Challenging ourselves and our readers to eat fewer processed foods and focus on eating"Real Food"

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So what do I mean by Real Food?

Simple…I mean foods that are in, or very near to, their natural state.

Our family will be making a few changes. One being the type of milk we drink.

Did you know?

  • Most modern milk comes from cows fed a disproportionate amount of grains. The most nourishing milk comes from cows being fed their natural diet of grass — the greener, the better.

  • Most modern milk is homogenized. The original fat globule membrane is lost and a new one is formed that incorporates a much greater portion of casein and whey proteins, potentially leading to milk related allergies.

  • Most modern milk is adulterated.

  • Most modern milk contains antibiotics.

  • Much modern milk contains synthetic growth hormones.


Interesting article: Gluten found in milk

What do you think?


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1 comment:

inadvertent farmer said...

I did not know those things about modern milk...we make our own nut milk. But I have considered raising a cow, just not sure I want to be so tied down to a milking schedule. Now that my youngest is weaned it seems like I would be going backwards, lol!

And milking a camel is not an option! Interesting post, thanks. Kim

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