Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Need" - Gluten-Free College Advice

Preparing for a child's first year at college is hard under "normal" circumstances, for my son to live away from home gluten-free and dairy free for the very first time is going to be hard. I want my son to live at home and attend a local college, however I cannot let it be about "me" and what I feel might be best.

My son will be taking his SAT next month and will be a senior in August. We are planing to visit a few colleges this summer. Hoping to have a list of five. Is that possible to find FIVE colleges that can provide a "safe" gluten free meal for my son?

Questions for "you"

  • Do you have a 504 plan for College?

  • How did you prepare to live away from home gluten free for the first time?

  • Do/Did you attend a gluten free friendly college? If so where?

  • Any books, web sites you can recommend?

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