Monday, February 15, 2010

Birthday cakes

The cake mix I used was: Betty Crocker Gluten Free Devil's Food Cake Mix

The toppings I used were: Enjoy life GF Snack Bars

Recipe for frosting and "some" tips and tricks on making a great tasting gluten free cake from a "box".

7 Minute Frosting Recipe

2 egg whites

6 tbs cold water

1 ½ c granulated sugar

½ tsp cream of tartar

1 tsp vanilla extract.


1. In the cold top to a double boiler (I use a metal bowl set in a small pan on the stove), put egg whites, water, granulated sugar, cream of tartar and beat until well mixed.

2. Then put the bowl over boiling water and start to beat with electric mixer. You must beat continuously.

3. The more you beat the whiter and fluffier it gets. You want to mix on medium speed, as the mix will start to get thicker and will form soft waves out from the beaters. Stop the beater and lift them up, when it’s ready, it will form peaks which will stand. Take off the heat, so it can start to cool.

4. Add the vanilla and mix until the frosting becomes white again. You can add other flavorings at this time.

5. Let sit until it is almost room temperature before you use. You can also color it at this time.


1. It will take about seven minutes, hence the name.

2. It is best to use a medium or medium-high speed, not low.

3. Do not get any yolk in white. The fat in the yolk keeps the whites from doing their job.

4. Use a metal bowl of some type for the mixing. Don’t let the bowl come in contact with the boiling water or you’ll have sweet scramble egg whites, umm yummy, not!!

5. This will make enough frosting for two-two layer cakes, 8-9 inch diameter.

6. You can separate the whites and yolks by, over a separate bowl, pouring the whites from one part of the shell to another.

7. Save the yolks.

Cake mix

1. Add the extra yolks from above in addition to the eggs called for from the box.

2. Add about 1 tsp of double acting baking powder to the mix.

3. When I get all the cake batter well mixed, I turn the mixer up to the fastest speed I have and beat the tar out of it for 1 ½ to 2 minutes. Then pour the mixture into the pan with out banging the mix too much. You’ve put a whole lot of air into the mix, banging it around makes the air come out, lowering the rise.

4. While baking, start checking the cake for doneness about 5 min before the receipe says it should be done. I use the tooth pick method; stick it in the highest part of the cake, when it comes out clean take the cake out of the oven. You can also test for doneness by pressing lightly on the surface, if it spring back, its done. This takes a lot of careful attention for about the last 5-10 minutes, but for me it is worth it. Better to have the cake just a tad on the done side, then dried and hard.

5. If you feel really adventuresome, put in maybe a teaspoon or so more water than the receipt calls for. But be very careful with this one.

6. Another thing you could add is a 1/4th cup yogurt or sour cream.

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Acting Balanced Mom said...

Just found you through Blog Frog - we've gone GF for my son who has autism and I am about 6 weeks in... and experimenting with mixes, recipes and the like - will definitely file these tips and tricks for when his b-day comes around!

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